Buy the Teen Talk Production T-Shirt


If you believe in this project, please consider purchasing a teeshirt for you, a friend, a guardian, a teacher, your club, or for a gift.

High quality, heavy duty cotton.
Colours: Black / White. Reverse colour logo, pocket-size, left side.
Sizes : Small, Medium, Large ( Unisex )

Cost: $50.00 each.


Would you like to help us???

Here at Teen Talk, we pride ourselves on innovation and enginuity; our leader Dr Verity has worked tirelessly to ensure that the program stays on the air no matter what. Unfortunately, it's not an easy task to shoot, edit and air a television program. The reality is all of this takes money. The precariousness of a volunteer and not-for-profit program makes this whole process uncertain for all involved, and especially for our Director/Producer Dr Verity. The nature of our program means grants and film bodies are not always available as backers, and cannot provide support beyond encouragement and advice.

It you would like to help and be part of this amazing journey, please consider a donation to our program, to help pay for shooting location hire, equipment hire, production expenses, and travel costs.

And as always, we are so grateful for our courageous teens who give their time and their voice to Teen Talk. Without you, we wouldn't exist.

"Crowd Sourcing"

We welcome all monetary contributions, either via merchandise purchase or donation. Please spread the word and get your friends, parents, carers, and teachers involved in spreading the word.

Sponsorships and Corporate Organizations are welcome to offer funding.
We also welcome gifts for our guests, competitions to get involved in, or problems / questions sent to Dr. Verity's Teen Panel for discussion.

Grants and offers of resources and continuing assistance are also most welcome and appreciated, from Communities, Clubs, Support Groups, Recreational Groups, Performing Arts etc.