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This is a not- for - profit idea and concept, which was created by myself Dr. Verity Sparkle. I commenced on this voyage from February, 2014 when it came to me in a dream

Teen Talk Production began with a single introductory episode (available 2015), in which teens discussed in their own words what its like to live in today's world of rapid technology and changing society. Our first documentary episode was aimed at giving teens a real voice in these virtual technology generations. These are a group of average Teens ranging from 11 to 20 years, voicing their feelings and what they think about Bad and Good Teen Stuff.

Some of the issues raised in this introductory episode include: Peer Pressure, Family Relationship Problems, Body Image, School Pressure/Depression/ Anxiety about Years 11 & 12, Parental Pressures & Perceptions, Bullying, Social Media Distractions, Discrimination, Transition from Primary to High School & Friendship Relationship Dynamics.

Since then Teen Talk has expanded to a multi-season television show with an extensive online presence, aimed at shining a light on the true experiences of our teenagers, and showcasing these stories in their own words. While many of these experiences are negative ones, we also want to encourage and promote the positives, featuring stories about their hopes, dreams, aspirations, successes and achievements.

"For Teens To Help Other Teens - 4T2HOT"

We hope this website can become a place of discussion and honesty, where teens can be free to discuss any number of difficulties or triumphs in their lives.

Mission Statement – Dr Verity (Linda) Sparkle

I thought of this website as an indirect way to help, not only my own teen daughter, but all other teens who may be struggling and suffering with all different types of issues, or that feel that nobody understands them.

This idea was inspired by seeing a need for these teens to have a safe and anonymous way to express themselves beyond home, school, work, and technologies. I wanted them to have a place where they can exchange tips to build on or help each other. It is a way of empowering teens, exchanging information, and hopefully finding a better way for the generations to communicate. We also encourage them to give solutions and exchange information, give feedback about the show, and give suggestions as to what content they want to discuss further.

Our teens range from ages 9-20 years. These ages are part of a world that is moving faster, developing new technologies, maturing at a younger age, and are using information technologies to learn about a whole range of issues (sometimes before they are ready). Topics such as absorbing new technologies, climate change, pollution, disease, destruction of nature, and world politics, are entering their consciousness faster than we can keep up or they can cope.

Because of this, I wanted to provide a way to help teens form perspectives, build ideas, and solve problems, using the connectivity and input of other teens; peers who can relate to their views and understand what they are going through. I hope this website can be used as a tool of communication and understanding. It is also a place for you to tell us what content you want, things you want to talk about, and how we could make things better. I want to encourage you to speak, to us and to each other.

I hope this website – and our Teen Talk show – can help all you teens.


Dr Verity



My Vision for the logo to represent the Website and Documentary Show, was a teen community representing the circle of umbrellas, hot pink for teen girls and electric blue for teen boys. The hook or hoop of each umbrella symbolizes “One Teen or a group of teens” that is “U”, such that You communicate or connect with You and you and you etc. to infinity and beyond. The umbrellas also symbolize “rainy weather “or "bad weather “which is like when we are " Blue " " Depressed " or we are worried, concerned or have some issue we cannot resolve. The sticks of the umbrellas mean that we hold on, get together, stick together and do not give up in thick or in thin, and they also connect as each teen or group of teens gives each other help and support to carry on and get through it.

“For teens to help other teens" (4T2HOT)

It's like “One for all and all for one”. The aim of the Website and the Show is exactly that" for teens to help themselves and others "and it encompasses the meaning and significance of the slogan and logo.