We welcome all volunteer positions (not just teens) for anyone who believes in our vision and wants to help us expand our message.

Areas of Assistance:

  • Interviewees
  • Marketing and Promotion (website, show, marketing)
  • Technical Assistance (website, social media, graphics)
  • Film Crew (film, audio, lighting, set)

We are always looking for interviewees for future shows. Please contact us if interested.

Ages 9 - 20 years are always welcome to be on our program to share their story or engage in discussion they feel is important. The focus on Teen Talk is to hear your voice, so don’t be shy! We also gladly welcome adults who work with teens, or who have faced difficulties our teens can relate to, e.g. Principals, Clergy, Psychologists, Counsellors, Specialists and Drs., Police, Military, Youth Workers.

Participants over 18 are required to sign their own consent form to be interviewed and filmed. Participants younger than 18 years must have parental consent and their parents must sign the interview/ filming form on their behalf.

We welcome all topics of discussion; ordinary is just as important as extraordinary; we want to hear your story. If you’re stuck and not sure what to speak about, or to gain some inspiration, please visit our Synopsis page for a list of possible topics that may come up on Teen Talk.

To Volunteer:

Please email the following to our Teen Talk staff:

What you’d like to talk about
Contact details (mobile, email)
Availability for filming

If you wish to contribute but don’t want to be filmed/ wish to remain anonymous, you are welcome to contact Teen Talk with any questions or comments you’d like brought up in filming.